The Book

Help your child to grow up with more confidence, self-esteem and grit

– critical essentials for emotional health, any kind of learning and reaching one’s full potential.

Great personal leadership is cultivated right from start in the delicate and important dynamic between parent and child. Water is an amazing arena to learn and with this book you will make it into a playground where you both can build healthy strong bonds that lasts.

You will become aware of the many facets that affect the quality of a relationship. And how you develop yours. It is the first book on the market that takes you on a journey where you go from a focus on performance towards a whole-person-perspective where you will feel how you grow and your baby will grow bigger and stronger under a quality relationship.

'Baby Swimming - With the Relationship in Focus' shows how you can use water activities to learn more about the many facets that affect the quality of a relationship. And how you can develop and enrich the relationship with your child.

Other books often tell you what your child may or should be able to at a given time. Which often has the negative effect of children becoming an object in exercises and in the activity. Baby Swimming - With the Relationship in Focus is different. It gives you important insights in, among other things

  • Reading your child and know what matters to her/him
  • What he/she is occupied with and learning out of it
  • How to support and guide your child instead of focusing on performance

The book also guides you in how to

  • Explore the world with your child and be in your child's universe
  • Developing your parent leadership and how your child will thrive and learn under it
  • A number of examples of what you can do in the water, constantly focusing on the relationship between you and your child.

This book will give you great takeaways even if you are not going to a pool. Because everything is based on the relationship and doing it great together - at home, in the bath or participate In other activities.

The best outcome you will gain if you read the book and practice in your activity with your child. Because we cannot only read, We have to practice together to be able to learn.