The Book

An activity that is just as enjoyable and beneficial for parents, as it is for baby!


If you want to build upon the core values of happiness, confidence and balance, swimming as a family is your answer.

Ulrika Faerch, world-renowned family swim counselor, has been teaching families the art of swimming together for more than 25 years. Global praise has been given for her sensitive approach to guiding families in the water and how it improves a family’s dynamic outside of the water too.

Now, in Happy Babies Swim, she will share her deep knowledge of swimming for babies aged birth to two-years, and how it can be used to help families grow in a range of ways. You will learn:

  • How water can be an ideal environment for instilling more far-reaching life skills such as confidence, self-awareness and resilience.
  • How listening and responding to your child’s body language helps develop your baby’s core self and how that leads to emotional awareness, self-esteem and empathy.
  • Why swimming together, in the uninterrupted environment of water (good-bye cell phones & gadgets!), increases the emotional bonds between parents and baby.
  • Loads of step-by-step swim activities and practical examples to help you get a great start with your child - so that not only your child, but your whole family relationship, thrives for years to come.

With the pool being both classroom and playing field, you will experience a better sense of the way your child encounters the world and what engages him. You will spur his natural curiosity and eagerness to learn, while you experience enhanced skills as a caring, competent parent. You will surface from the classes a better parent—of a child who is balanced and competent in the water.
In brief, you will make a huge splash in your daughter or son’s life!

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