For your new baby water is a familiar place, what is new is the experiences he gets together with you. Like in a dance you will guide and lead him into our world and he will guide you to his needs. Due to the social and emotional character of humans the quality of the relationship is what makes us trust and dance successfully in tune with each other.

During childhood a parents responsible leadership is what matters most, so to develop that is of both big interest and value to most parents of today. Get to it right away - together with your newborn in the water you might have the best arena to develop parental leadership and make bath time enjoyable and beneficial for both baby and parents.

I’ve got a new video for you, a beautiful one, you will see the magic between parent and baby getting a bath. Due to the responsible and responsive parental leadership the little baby is able to relax, enjoy and learn from the full experience.

Both baby and parents are learning together. The baby learns from the experiences he gets with his parents not only in the bath but during preparation and after too. It’s the hands, the arms, the voice, the response to his actions and needs and also the actions and expressions from his parents he learns from. The parents presence and attention allows them to learn about and respond to their baby’s needs and interests. With time they develop the competent hands that allows them and their baby to enjoy more.

One could see a baby’s bath as ”just a bath”, to get clean, but then the important magic might be missed. Because it’s more than a bath, it’s more about the parental leadership. To give a new little human the best conditions and opportunities to experience and learn about his world and how life together with you is.

Water he knows. In the warm, protected time in the womb he did somersaults to your heartbeats while he got ready for life in the world outside. Now he is re-exploring water and how it is together with you. He is also learning about how and what needs to happen before and after.

You are his guide into how it is in our world, relationships and culture. He learns from the experiences he has with you. Is mom/dad nervous, happy, present, do they see me, are they there with me or are they just rushing? How do we spend time together? What is the take away from bath time with mom and or dad? It’s about your leadership. If you feel good, can relax, tune-in and enjoy, it will be easier for him to do the same.

He needs you to make sure the time is right, conditions are safe and comfortable for him and you. He also needs your hands and your attention to keep him safe in the water but also to allow him to keep and develop that natural feel and confidence he can have in it. Here he will guide you – if you let him. When you do, and you become synchronized I can promise you that both of you will feel the magic and wonderful allover!

With the perspective on the relationship bath time can become something beyond, getting clean. It’s getting clean and at the same time developing trust, leadership and building a stronger and healthier relationships between you and your child. Because of it’s characteristics, water is probably the best arena for it when you do it mindfully together with your child.

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I’ve never done a video like this before but I thought it was good one to do as many parents have asked questions and expressed concerns about bath time with a little baby. So by guiding parents to make bath time into the best time for them and their babies, parents take those lessons into other things too, like eating, sleeping and other activities.

Next time I’ll share some of the often asked questions about bath time and my response to them.


P.S. The video is made by my children. Victoria was behind the camera and Auguste has done the editing. They have grown a phenomenal ability to see and catch the important dynamics in a relationship. I think you will see and love it as much as I and the parents to the little boy in the bath do.