It's 1997 and I am pregnant with Ida. I teach until a week before due date and summer holiday has begun. A strong and healthy little sister and daughter makes her entrance and completes our family. Soon we notice that she has a different approach to exploring her possibilities in water. She didn't smile nor laugh much, she was busy, very concentrated in learning how to best turn and tumble – she was our little seal. When on land we had a hard time keeping her out of water when there were water holes nearby.

I find out that there is an international conference on baby swimming in Mexico in October. I sign up and book the tickets. Three weeks later we are on our way, Auguste (4 yrs), Ida (4 months) and a nanny. Arriving in Mexico is quite emotional as I lived and went to school here when I was a little girl. Here I get to meet many amazing people. Knut Rosén was the first. Mr. Rosén was a pioneer on baby swimming in Sweden, a man whom I'd heard so much about. He was in the pool when we first met. He smiled said hello like we already were friends and asked Auguste to jump in and join him. With out a doubt Auguste jumped into the pool and in the arms of this gentle man and they played. That's the impact he has on people. I also met Eva Bramfalk for the first time, she has ever since been a friend and supportive colleague whom I value a lot.

Attending this conference was a new and different experience! It was interesting, educational and a time to have fun, network and socialize. Speakers that stood out at this conference and gave me a lasting impact and later also became good friends was John Bainbridge and John Coutts. What hilarious yet educational show they performed about the history of baby swimming, “Two old farts at the retirement home in 2030 talking about baby swimming”. Right? And opening that show in James Bond Style was Dave DuBois, a man who later will have a significant impact on me and our teaching. Here was also where I saw Laurie Lawrence for the first time, I had never before experienced a man that could fill a room as he did – I was impressed. Far, far away from home I felt at home.

Thank you Ida for being you and for all the opportunities to be inspired by your creativity and drive to do it your own way. You often have, and still do, amaze me and we are blessed to have you in our life. Thank you to Johan that was supportive and trusting to let me take the kids and go on a adventure far away.

Thank you Beatrice and Lulu, the glowing hostesses of the conference in Mexico, what a tremendous job you did and such wonderful memories you gave us all. Thank you Knut Rosén for taking baby swimming to Sweden and sharing what you knew so generously. I am happy and honored to call you my friend. A deep and sincere thank you to all of you who were in Mexico. To experience the sharing and the fun was mind blowing and special. To be surrounded by people who share the same interest and passion had a tremendous impact on me. We went home and my head was full of impressions. I understood that there is plenty more for me to learn. I knew that I would have to find a way to be able to attend these conferences also in the future.