"You are my teacher. How you deal with love, conflict, sorrow, joy, pain, defeat, new things, people, variety, the way you believe in yourself, in others and me will also characterize me and shape my approach to all this and more."

It's a swindling thought but also great because it allows us adults to take the lead. When we become aware of and take responsibility for our own feelings, reactions and actions and focus on the quality of the dialogue and the relationship we are the best role models for our own and others' children. It's more about our self-development than on our ability to manage and control our children, and children give us the opportunity to self develop.

Jesper Juul, family therapist and author puts it as follows: "I do not think there is any relationship that at the same time is so accepting and provides personal development as the relationship between parent and child." Leading experts and researchers in neuroscience confirm and state that: "Self-development is the best gift a parent can give a child."

In the wonderful presence and joined play that water offers you and your baby, I know that the process gets a good start and it will become a both thrilling and delightful course.