1994 we move to Malmö. After having investigated and experienced the market of Baby Swimming for our own happy swim baby I came to the conclusion that I wanted something else for us. The local Fitness Club had a pool that was heated once a week, I got to rent 2,5 hours on Thursdays. With a signed contract in my hand I thought “WHAT HAVE I DONE?! To suppress the fear I went into action.

I named and registered the business “Malmö Babysim”, made material, booked an ad, bicycled around to every health station with my neatly, self made flyers (Happy for my education in grafic desig and illustration) and flew to Norway and attended a course for teachers in Baby Swimming. 
I talked with confidence and no one realized, not even Johan, that inside I was terrified of failure.

Thank you to my old swim coaches in Neptun, Sten Hellqvist, and Hans Holm who taught me to work hard and the meaning and impact of a dedicated coach and teacher. Thank you Jørgen and Friskis & Svettis for the opportunity to rent your pool and later the support as you realized that “the girl from Stockholm was surprisingly nice” (Stockholmers have a reputation of being somewhat obnoxious).

Thank you to Norway’s Life Saving Federation, Eugenie Horn Enge and the knitting team (Yes! they sat knitting while listening) at my first teacher course. Their focus was very family oriented and I also learned that what was most important for families to do was to “kose” (enjoy). Thank you to the first 32 families for the trust and hours of excitement, learning and fun. Thank you for staying with me for years. Thank you to my great love in life, Johan Faerch for always believing in and never questioning my abilities (I do that to perfection my self).

And last but not least thank you to Auguste despite your, at that time, very young age you were my best teacher. The trust and love you showed and the happy and curious approach to life both in and out of water has always been educational, inspiring and highly addictive. Auguste Faerch thank you for the trust in me and the pride you showed of “Mamma Babyswim”. Love to all